Portland Tribune Prints Our Piece on Environmental Damage from Studded Tires

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Jeff Bernards

chief petitioner

Oregonian Editorial Board Reverses Support for Studded Tire Ban

The Oregonian Editorial Board reversed their support for a studded tire ban in today’s paper:

An effort to place a studded-tire ban on the November ballot fizzled last week, when backers failed to turn in enough signatures by the state’s filing deadline. Unfortunately, a fight could be looming anyway, as the man behind the proposed ban says he’ll bring the matter to the Legislature, which has turned aside numerous such attempts in the past.

Here’s hoping for legislative consistency.

Essentially the Op Ed says that studded tire users should get a little more traction a couple days a year, while we have to hydroplane in ruts year round. Something doesn’t seem right about that.

I asked Lucy Moore, ODOT’s maintenance person, about the accuracy of the $40 million damage estimate,  her response was that it’s probably closer to $500 million.

If the cost were so low, wouldn’t ODOT’s $4 billion annual budget afford the fixing of studded tire ruts. That’s only 1% of the budget, there shouldn’t be any ruts if they are following through with that level of maintenance.

The Oregonian Editorial Board wants to maintain the status quo–a system that is highly unfair for the 84% of us who do not use studded tires.  The 16% of drivers that use studded tires need to to pay for the undue burden they cause to our roadways, just as truckers pay for their impact via a Weight-Mileage tax.  It’s time studded tire users pay their way.

Senator Ted Ferrioli of Baker and Eastern Oregon uses stud-less snow tires to attend session in January, he thinks they work fine.

Les Schwab’s business interest is behind the failure of the Legislature to act on this issue. A Les Schwab tire dealer chaired the Transportation Committee that failed to act on the proposed inadequate point of sale fee of $12.

One studded tire chews up a half to three quarters of a ton of asphalt over it’s life.  Studded tire use in Portland cuts our road life in half.  Studded tire use poses serious environmental hazards, spewing asphalt dust into our lungs.  We cannot afford these environmental impacts any longer.

Before Bend Bulletin’s Erik Lukens was hired as as the Oregonian’s new Editorial Page Editor, the Editorial Board endorsed our Initiative.

I spoke at the Democrats of Deschutes County meeting, 80% of the room wanted studded tires banned. I gathered signatures in Bend too, I got 75 signatures at an event only 2 people wouldn’t sign. I gathered 3000 signatures myself and talked with lots of people, the vast majority want studded tires banned. The residents of Deschutes county care about our infrastructure.

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To All Our Supporters and Volunteers “THANK YOU”

To all of our Supporters and Volunteers,

The needless and harmful use of studded tire has been an aggravation for many of us for many years!  Thanks to our initiative drive and your support the issue has gained momentum like never before.  We had 150 volunteers requesting signature kits and 130 people made donations to help fund the cause.  Unfortunately we were unable to raise the necessary funds needed to hire paid signature gathers.  As a result we won’t make the ballot this November.

The good news is that this is the beginning not the end.  We are going to be taking this issue to the Legislature in 2013.  Through the course of the initiative campaign we have secured the support of 15 legislators & numerous local government officials.   We have begun to build a coalition of Oregonians that want to preserve our valuable infrastructure and we won’t stop until we get studded tires off our roads.

There have been seventeen attempts by the Oregon Legislature to ban or limit studded tire use.  So what is going to be different this time?  The answer is you and the over 10,000 other citizens who signed the Ban Studded Tires Initiative.

Not only will we have the facts and the science on our side… we will have a growing coalition of Oregonians who believe this is an important issue and will not allow special interest groups and their lobbyist to undermine this issue of good government and fiscal responsibility.

Here is what it’s going to take to continue this effort.  I need you and all of our supporters to do two simple task, each of which will take less than five minutes to accomplish.

1.      Please make a small contribution on our secure website at: www.PreservingOregonRoads.org.  The money that we raised for the initiative effort (and the $10,000 and 2 years unpaid commitment I have personally invested in this effort) has help us get here but… I need your help moving forward.

2.      Please call your local State Senator and State Representative and tell them that you support banning studded tires and urge them to join the coalition.  You can find your legislator by clicking www.leg.state.or.us/findlegsltr/

Again, there is no special interest group that is going to protect our roads… on this issue, it is just average citizens and common sense.

Thanks again for your ongoing support.


Jeff Bernards,

Preserving Oregon Roads – Campaign to Ban Studded Tires


p.s. Please shoot me a quick email after you reach out to your legislator and I will follow up with them as well.  Thanks!

New “Green” Diamond Tires outperforms All current Studdless Snow & Ice Tires

Green Diamond Tire technology from Iceland will soon be manufactured in the USA.  Green Diamond tires is the process of embedding silicium carbide particles directly into the rubber. Test have proven this tire outperforms all current studdless tires by at least 32%. This tire is also able to be driven year round whereas studded tires and tires like the Bridgestone Blizzak  have to be changed twice a year. CEO Richard Gostenik is in the process of building a plant in Colorado to meet the obvious demand. His focus is the huge environmental savings that retreading tires for winter driving will provide: saving raw materials, recycling tires, preserving roads & safer year-round driving.
Please visit Green Diamond Tire to learn more.
Tire Business article regarding the company
Thanks for your support
Jeff Bernards
chief petitioner

James Lundy/OSU advises Oregon Legislature on resolutions to unfunded road damage issue: “Ban the use of studded tires”

At the request of Oregon Legislators,  James Lundy of OSU’s Department of Civil Engineering researched  the “Use & Effects of Studded Tires on Oregon Pavements.”  This study was finished in 1996, the last study before this was 1974.  I’ve listed the 7 steps that were proposed to resolve the issue of un-funded studded tire damage.  “Most of the options will need legislative support to implement. Options include the following:”

  1.  Ban the use of studded tires.
  2.  Shorten the length of time studded tires are permitted.
  3.  Require that lightweight studs be used instead of studs used currently.
  4.  Establish a user fee for those who desire to use studded tires.
  5.  Provide pavements more resistant to studded tires.
  6.  Educate the public about the damage caused by studded tires and the situations in which studded tires are effective. (For Oregon weather conditions, it is suggested that studs are effective only a few days out of the entire year.)
  7. A combination of two, three, four, or more of the options above.

” In 1974, ODOT recommended a prohibition on studded tires based on these costs and the inability to define sufficient safety benefits attributed to studded tires. However, no action was taken by the Oregon legislature to ban studded tires.”

I’ve summarized what I thought were the highlights of the study. Summarized Version “Use & Effects of Studded Tires on Oregon Pavements”

Thanks for your support, Were working hard to get this on the ballot and have Oregon voters decide the fate of our valuable infrastructure.

Jeff Bernards

Chief Petitioner