My name is Jeff Bernards, I am the one who is proposing the State Initiative to “Ban Studded Tires” in Oregon.

After years of frustration contacting our political leaders about the burden studded tires are causing taxpayers, it became obvious no action was going to be taken on their part. I’ve been left no choice but to proceed with a state initiative to “Ban Studded Tires” in the Oregon. This is a huge undertaking; there are no political motives or hidden agendas. Our goal is to make our roads safe year round, protect the huge investments we’ve made in our roads and free up “wasted” money fixing the damage caused by studded tires.

This site will be used to help organize anyone interested in volunteering, donating money, providing leadership & experience to see the State Initiative to make the ballot in 2012.

What we need right now:

1.Locate an office space that can be used for 2 years.
2. A Treasurer, accounting experience necessary.
3. 2 people willing to put their names on the “Prospective Petition for State Measure.” Takes 3, I’m one of them.
4. HELP!

Long Term Needs:
1. Fund raising
2. Signature gathering (we will be using paid petitioners)

Please help stop special interest from running Salem. Let’s make government work for us, not the other way around.

Thanks So Much,
Jeff Bernards