I am a volunteer Ski Patroller and am on the Mountain about 3 weekends a month. I normally drive Subaru Outback with “Studdless” Traction tires (currently Blizzaks but I have used several others). Since getting away from studs 20+ years ago, I have never felt the need for them. Between patrolling and vacations, I drive thousands of miles on snow covered roads every year. The Studdless tires perform better on dry roads, wet roads, black ice, and just as well or better on snow and ice.

A couple of years ago, I nearly wrecked when hydroplaning on the water filled ruts in US26 near Alder Creek. I can’t think of any reason to continue to allow studded tires on any highways in the US. Some people argue that the ruts are caused by heavy traffic, but a quick look at highway where studs aren’t allowed shows that this is not true. Concrete roads just don’t develop ruts without studded tires. Asphalt roads occasionally have ruts from heavy trucks on very hot asphalt, especially when the base it inadequate. You can see the difference though, because studs take out the aggregate, while heavy trucks make a smooth rut. Most of our ruts in asphalt are rough, from the studs chipping out the aggregate.
Joel Stevens