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Problem: Studded tires are causing preventable damage to our highway infrastructure and creating year round hazardous driving conditions.  There is a $4 billion backlog of current road repairs that are currently unfunded.  Banning studded tires will save money and lives.

Proposed Ballot Description

Solution: Ban the use of all studded tires (metal, plastic & retractable studs) and only allow the use of studless snow tires for hazardous winter driving conditions.


  • No out of state vehicles can use Oregon roads if their vehicle is equipped with studded tires.
  • The ban to take effect Jan. 1 2013
  • A $500 fine for anyone or agency caught using studded tires on Oregon highways and roads.
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Consequences if Ballot measure fails:

Oregonians will be subjected to substandard highways and a shortening of the lifespan of current roads.  The current backlog of road repair will grow exponentially if current use continues.  The minority of drivers who use studded tires are putting an undue burden on all taxpayers and threatening all aspects of Oregon’s Budgets.